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Lindsay B Yoga and Travel

Health and Wellness has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember and above any physical benefits, I love the way I feel mentally after engaging in mindfulness and exercise.

I love trying out all types of exercise from leisurely walks and running to more intenese HIIT training, outdoor recreation such as biking, hiking, and swimming, and of course, yoga. In addition to my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, I have a degree in Public Health and over 8 years working in health and wellness spaces ranging from boutique fitness studios, campus recreation centers, resorts, and yoga studios. I love the energy surrounding wellness spaces and the collective goal that everyone is there to better themselves in some way!

I began my yoga journey many years ago, but fell into teaching during my backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia. After completing my 200 hour Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with an alignment focus on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, I have combined my love for yoga and travel by teaching internationally diverse groups of students in tropical locations including Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam, as well as back in my hometown in the less tropical USA.

I come to the mat to disconnect externally and connect more deeply internally to my breath, body and self.

I love the way yoga encourages and empowers one to feel confident and whole on and off of the mat. Yoga helps us become comfortable with stillness, teaches us to turn inwards and keeps us humbled through the challenges of the practice.

In my classes you will find approachable, creative, challenging and carefully guided full body flows that empower you to be your best self on the mat and in your daily life. 

I hope to help my students find the abundant benefits of the yoga practice through the challenges, discipline, and peace yoga provides. all while having some fun along the way!

I hope to connect with you on the mat somewhere around the globe.

Lindsay B Travel and Yoga